Headshot of Craig Balding

Hi, I'm Craig!

After two decades in the corporate world, I started a cybersecurity consulting business to help people in a wide range of organisations improve their cyber risk and security capabilities. 5 years in and I still enjoy helping decision makers rethink cyber risk, improve strategy and policy. A material amount of my work is hands-on, which keeps me fresh on both attack and defence.As part of evolving my business (and myself), I will diversify by creating products and online services.Naturally, the goal is to make things that people are willing to pay for as they solve real problems. I have ideas in the cybersecurity domain, but am happy to diversify as curiousity and market needs lead me.This blog will record the behind the scenes journey. Over time, it will become the portfolio of my creations.Currently working on:sb2 - the Small Business Security Bot